Dia de la Peatón  (day of the pedestrian) happens 3 times per year in Bolivia. Today there were no cars in the streets, just bikes and people on foot. The biggest plazas and streets were filled with food stands like a street fair, making it almost impossible to bike through the crowds.

My host brother, Sergio, and I left at noon and didn’t get back until 7:30. We biked in many circles around the center of the city, saw a slaughterhouse (matadero) that had been converted into an cultural arts center (now called the mARTadero), and ate salteñas (like empanadas stuffed with a sweet sauce and chicken), all on a bike made for a 10 year-old. So it was an exhausting day, but wonderful.

When cars began coming out again at 6, it was sort of depressing. The whole city of Cochabamba was out biking in the streets, something I would absolutely love to see happen in the US, if people would ever do it.

Even if one city did it for one day, it would be beautiful. Is that too much to ask? Start working on it, Twin Cities.