So I decided to at least create a blog for my semester abroad, whether or not I will use it remains to be seen.

Los Cochabambinos are the people of Cochabamba, Bolivia, that I have the pleasure of living amongst for the next 3 and a half months. The first month consists mostly of classes, with the majority of the time devoted to a seminar on the history and culture of Bolivia and 3 hour Spanish classes. The second month features many excursions to areas all over Bolivia, such as La Paz and Sucre. Finally I’ll spend most of November and December doing an independent study project, the culmination of all my work down here with SIT.

I’ve now moved in with my host family as of yesterday. Today is The Day of the Pedestrian, a tri-annual nation-wide day where no cars except emergency vehicles are permitted. Everyone walks or bikes through the streets, something I would love to see happen in any city in the US.

Tomorrow classes start, something both exciting and intimidating (mostly on account of the 3 hour Spanish classes), but everything is starting to come together in what I hope is a great semester.

Hasta luego,